by | Sep 5, 2019

The problem

When offering energy to the SME market, you will most definitely use pricebooks to have prices for different customer segments readily available for the brokers so they don’t have to wait to get a bespoke quote for every SME.

In addition, those pricebooks are probably uploaded manually to be made available through broker portals to allow brokers and to quickly find prices. Brokers will typically choose the supplier with the lowest price for the customer and the highest margin for themselves. 

This means:

  • Brokers take most of the margin

  • Brokers might report higher expected usages to get higher broker margins

  • Brokers expect to have these prices instantly or they don’t even bother with you

So to stay competitive in the SME market you need prices to always be available and you need to make sure you are also still making a margin.

This is where it gets hard: how to constantly keep your pricebooks up to date and competitive?

The hurdles stopping you today:

  • Manual work in Excel to calculate and update pricebooks in CRM, portal, …

  • Pricebooks are only updated monthly, being less competitive due to larger risk premia

Additionally, by not updating pricebooks often, someone needs to check whether all these SME contracts are still making money when the actual, up to date costs are applied on what they will actually be expected to use, and by that time it is too late to do anything about it.

The solution

⇒ Manage the configuration and calculation in a dedicated, flexible system

⇒ Move away from monthly/weekly pricebooks to daily pricebooks with the option to update intraday

⇒ Validate and check margins right before contracts are signed

→ At Gorilla we believe you should separate your data processes from your business processes

→ Gorilla takes care of your pricebook product configuration and calculation for maximum accuracy, flexibility and speed

→ We allow you to freely model your products based on the cost components you defined. Allowing for maximum flexibility with the most up to date and detailed data.

→ We can run it whenever necessary on the latest data and quickly rerun it to validate the difference with previous pricebooks to decide to approve a contract or not

This has several advantages:

  • This reduces the manual work of updating the pricebooks

  • This allows you to create more differentiation within your pricebooks (as creating products in Gorilla is really easy)

  • This allows you to automatically update your pricebooks as costs change and have up to date pricebooks representing all the actual costs

  • This allows you to stop non-profitable contract to go out

Example of a product in Gorilla:

The benefits

  • Less manual work of updating the pricebooks

  • More differantiation in your pricebooks

  • Automatic updated pricebooks as costs change 

  • Prevent non-profitable contract to go out


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