Bottom-up forecasts for your whole portfolio, without waiting for hours


Portfolio forecast in minutes

Don’t wait for hours on your bottom-up half-hourly portfolio forecast. With Gorilla, you can run, analyse and adjust within minutes. Gorilla calculates a 100k meter portfolio forecast for 5 years in under 3 minutes.

High accuracy

You should be able to run forecasts with data at its highest granularity. Improve your hedging position by adopting a system that is able to handle all of your data (and more). Measure your accuracy with a solution built for performance.


Plug-in your own data

Why do others define the parameters of your forecasts? Update your forecasts with the latest economical insights without losing speed or scale. Integrate your favourite data sources to get better results
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Integrate your BI tools

Get insights from drilling down on your portfolio forecast per product, basket, group, customer or meter. Use your existing BI tool of preference, without expensive integration work. Our API is built for data integrations.


100.000 hh meters, 5 years less than 3 minutes 

shield-icon A real-time view of the latest state of your entire portfolio
shield-icon Lower hedging costs with more accurate long-term forecasts
shield-icon Easy-to-integrate with the BI tools of your preference

Gorilla's demand forecasting features

To reduce the time spent on operational support (organize)
  • Automated sourcing, pre-processing, and validation
  • Intermediate anomaly and error reports
  • Scheduled/orchestrated runs of all the models (forecasting, backcasting, reporting calculations, recalculating metrics, …)
  • Automated custom reporting (on metrics, on change, on abnormalities, … )
  • Automatic export of the results to the subsequent systems in their format
  • Full traceability of all data throughout the process
  • Full traceability of all algorithms throughout the process
  • Documentation on all algorithms where you need it
  • Each forecast has a full audit trail
To help you gain insights (learn)
  • All data versioned & time-sliced, accessible, traceable, filterable, and searchable in Gorilla
  • Stored in redshift dwh for custom querying
  • Connected to BI tools for reporting and visualisations
  • Connected to SQL or other tools for querying and exporting
  • Compare anything to anything (e.g.: old forecasts to actuals and get accuracy metrics)
  • Integrated metrics at each step of the processing
  • Forecast curve visualization at the highest granularity
  • Profile curve visualization at the highest granularity
  • Visualisation of daily profiles of forecasts
  • Visualisation of every intermediate result of the forecast
  • Forecast quality assessment: Quality is determined by the amount of historic data used, library profiles used, amount of zeroes, and detected anomalies.
To help you innovate (improve)
  • Our autoscaling engine can handle massive data sets and multiple calculations at once without stopping or interrupting other processes
  • You can freely tweak parameters and change/update any of the underlying data
  • You can backcast to better understand your model’s accuracy by combining forecast and actual data
  • Customisations on data formats and existing methodologies supported
  • Creation of bespoke methodologies supported
  • Import of SAS, R, and Python code for methodologies
  • Creation of bespoke machine learning models supported
Connects out of the box with our other applications
  • Trading, to get a better view of your long and short term position and imbalance risks.
  • Portfolio recosting, to get a better view of your revenue and cash position and risk per cost component.
  • Profiling to create more tailored segmentations of customers for better product offerings.

What our customers say

The extremely talented, flexible, and effective team at Gorilla have been key in implementing our new P&Q solution. Their product is class-leading and offers great flexibility over anything else on the market, allowing our business to deliver new offerings to our customers.
Iain O'Neill
Head of Innovation  - Corona Energy
In an increasingly volatile market, the increased agility and efficiencies Gorilla provides, help ScottishPower to continue leading the way in providing greener energy choices that meet customers’ needs.
Helen Fairlie
Head of UK Business Planning & Development  - ScottishPower

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