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Gorilla’s integration allows MuleSoft customers to enable teams to integrate apps and data and automate business processes, to innovate faster and enable game-changing customer and employee experiences

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Remove the guesswork

Remove the guesswork when integrating with Gorilla as the components are already configured to expect certain inputs.
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One set of operations

The MuleSoft Certified Connector allows you to provide one set of operations, based on the Gorilla API, that can be utilized in MuleSoft flows.
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Clear output formats

The connector provides clear visibility of output formats so that companies can then use this visibility to perform required transformations.
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Preset authentication configurations

The connector enables companies to easily use preset authentication configurations without having to include additional dependencies in projects to facilitate authentication and authorization


Mulesoft Anypoint Exchange


Learn more how to integrate data from siloed apps and systems faster and automate complete workflows more efficiently with MuleSoft

Learn more about the MuleSoft Certified Connector for Gorilla by visiting Mulesoft’s Anypoint Exchange, the marketplace for connectors, templates, examples, and APIs. 

What our customers say

The extremely talented, flexible, and effective team at Gorilla have been key in implementing our new P&Q solution. Their product is class-leading and offers great flexibility over anything else on the market, allowing our business to deliver new offerings to our customers.
Iain O'Neill
Head of Innovation  - Corona Energy

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