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A frictionless experience

Never again lose time matching broker data requirements. Gorilla’s cloud-based platform integrates seamlessly with all known broker portals to create, validate, and export data at the click of a button. Connect with industry and internal data sources for additional power, and boost your sales by integrating your CRM to automated pricing processes.


Ready to Use

Is manual price setting slowing down your organisation? Gorilla can help you, fast. Our industry standard pricebook solution allows you to create every price variation you desire. Enjoy the benefits of out-of-the-box cost components, margin adjustments, risk premiums, and renewal options straight from day one.

Build for change

Changing market conditions push you to adjust and reinvent your products faster than ever. Our modular cost component approach empowers you to create, test and adapt without any IT involvement.

Take back control over your data

Is your data scattered across teams, online, and offline systems? Gorilla centralises all data, automatically improves data quality, and maximises the business potential hidden within. Don’t settle for compensating a lack of insight with higher risk margins. The ability to calculate at the highest level of detail will enable you to truly monitor product performance and minimise risk like never before.

Faster Calculation


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shield-icon Increase your sales throughput
shield-icon Beat your competitors with an unseen new product-to-market speed
shield-icon Be the most competitive you can be, without taking more risk
shield-icon Make the most out of your data, without compromising on speed

Gorilla's pricebooks features

Base costs
  • Out-of-the-box cost components for all industry charges
  • Out-of-the-box cost components for all metering charges
  • Out-of-the-box cost components for cost to serve charges
Product feature costs
  • Out-of-the-box cost components to create variations by setting volume banded margins
  • Out-of-the-box cost components to create variations based on payment terms
  • Out-of-the-box cost components to create variations based on green or renawble options
Cost flexibility
  • Easy customisation to tailor every cost component to your needs
  • Generic cost components to freely configure new base or product feature costs
  • Multiple durations supported (unlimited)
  • Monthly or even daily start dates
  • All ToU supported and neatly mapped
  • All price neatly mapped on clear tariff codes
  • Duos sourced and parsed from the industry
  • Custom connectors to parse & send pricebooks to brokers, portals or anywhere else
  • Drag-and-drop interface to create and configure products
  • Drag-and-drop interface to add & remove cost components to a product
  • All data and parameters are fully configurable
  • Products are versioned and time sliced with release controls
  • Test and debug features to validate product releases
  • API interface to trigger pricebook creation
  • API interface to query results
  • API interface to import data
  • Automatic notifications when prices are ready
  • Custom connectors to source and push data
  • Customisations on data formats and existing calculation methodologies supported
  • Import of SAS, R, and Python code supported
  • Creation of bespoke machine learning models supported
  • Dost breakdown per tariff code per ToU per cost component per day/month
  • Specific cost summary adapted to your CRM, brokers, portal
  • Option to look at all intermidiate results of any cost component
  • Connection to BI tools for deeper insights supported
Data Managment
  • Data is stored at highest granularity
  • Data is available through UI or Odata API
  • Data is auditable throughout its lifecycle in Gorilla
  • Data is versioned and time sliced
  • Audit trail per processed pricebook
  • Each price book calculation is linked to specific, versioned, and time-sliced algorithms
  • Each price book calculation has all processed data referenced and versioned

What our customers say

In an increasingly volatile market, the increased agility and efficiencies Gorilla provides, help ScottishPower to continue leading the way in providing greener energy choices that meet customers’ needs.
Helen Fairlie
Head of UK Business Planning & Development  - ScottishPower
The extremely talented, flexible, and effective team at Gorilla have been key in implementing our new P&Q solution. Their product is class-leading and offers great flexibility over anything else on the market, allowing our business to deliver new offerings to our customers.
Iain O'Neill
Head of Innovation  - Corona Energy

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