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A CRM or ERP system is built to process your enterprise’s business transactions, but they struggle with handling large amounts of (metering) data.

Don’t handle large amounts of data in your core IT systems

The future of the enterprise IT landscape will look different. With the upcoming of modern cloud and data engineering technology, a clear split between business and data processing systems will arise.

Gorilla goes hand in hand with your current CRM or ERP system and unburdens them from large data calculations. It’s an engine built on top of the latest and greatest cloud and data engineering technology, enabling utility suppliers to speed up complex pricing, forecasting or reporting calculations.

Ain’t nothing artificial about it

Technology should be an enabler, not a dictator. Gorilla is built on top of dedicated, future-proof technology. It has been engineered for speed and for large data set support.


Gorilla is a cloud-native, multi-tenant SaaS solution. It automatically scales with the amount of data processed and can be integrated easily using our straightforward REST interface and standard cloud services.

Future-proof tech

Gorilla intelligently combined the optimal technologies for each of the many issues large data calculations pose, including Dask, Parquet, Pandas and AWS.


Easily connect your identity provider for single sign-on, have your calculations run and data stored in an isolated cloud environment and rest assured that every byte is encrypted.

straightforward implementation

Gorilla works with all industry standard ERP & CRM products, which makes implementation a matter of weeks instead of years!

Straightforward configuration of your SSO IDP
Easy-to-implement REST API
No specialized cloud or data engineering experts needed

how to adopt a gorilla

Contact us and together we can tailor a plan to your requirements

Identify functional processes & data sources that rely on pricing, quoting & other calculations

We set up and configure your Gorilla tenant, including Single Sign-On

Integrate external systems with our easy-to-use and straightforward REST APIs

We implement and deploy custom algorithms, defined together with your pricing team

Interested in adopting Gorilla? Contact us for more information.

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