13 Mar 2020 by Benny Hermans

Gaining AWS Technology partner status

Gorilla and AWS go hand in hand to solve B2B utility retailers’ consumption data storage, processing and forecasting needs 🙌.

Gorilla is built on top of a variety of AWS services to deliver a SaaS solution that resolves a B2B utility’s data processing challenges. Where AWS enables storing a massive amount of data and processing it in a scalable fashion, Gorilla solutionizes the design and development of advanced data engineering processes, exposes a RESTful API, automates the development of ETL and processing jobs and provides a user-friendly configuration interface. Together, a powerful data hub and processing solution decreases the TCO and time-to-market of such as system tenfold.

We’re looking forward to an even more fruitful partnership 👊! Contact us for more information on what Gorilla can do for you.


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