19 Nov 2021 by Benny Hermans

Gorilla and powercloud announce strategic partnership

We are proud to announce our partnership with powercloud, the fastest growing billing system in the industry. With its platform of the same name, powercloud GmbH has been offering an open SaaS solution for the energy industry since 2012 and is currently the market leader in Germany. powercloud promotes the development of innovative energy brands and green offers making existing suppliers, network & metering point operators, and municipal utilities – ready, relevant and agile for customers and markets alike.  

“The timing for this collaboration is ideal,” explains Ruben Van den Bossche, founder and managing director of Gorilla. “On the one hand, we see a turbulent market, which increases the pressure on utilities to act. On the other hand, powerful technical solutions are now available to manage and evaluate large data streams. Many business processes can be optimized in this way. This is exactly what we are doing with our SaaS platform, which performs complex calculations at top speed and without errors. Our goal now is to seamlessly integrate this solution into powercloud as a co-product.” As a result, users will benefit from a whole bundle of Gorilla features. They range from meter data management and short- and long-term consumption forecasts to post-calculation and pricing of new products. The latter is done, for example, on the basis of comprehensive industry and internal data sources. The enormous computing power behind Gorilla is impressively demonstrated by our portfolio evaluation solution: To calculate the market development of a utility’s product portfolio, the system can evaluate the data from 100,000 electricity meters in a few minutes – and then create an accurate recosting and forecast for the next five years. 

We always aim to connect our solution to industry-specific systems such as powercloud – where large streams of data occur that can be turned into sustainable business value and success if they are comprehensively analyzed and their use automated. “We are very confident that with the new solution we can sustainably improve the positioning of utilities in the market“, explains Thayabaran Thanabalasingham, Head of Partner Sales at powercloud. “At the same time, we are adding an important component to the functionality of powercloud. Together, we will be able to offer comprehensive B2B solutions in the future, covering both back-end data processing and front-end functions for customer communication.”


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