12 Sep 2022 by Benny Hermans

Gorilla and ScottishPower announce partnership

We are happy to announce our partnership with ScottishPower – the first integrated energy company in the UK to generate 100% green electricity. At ScottishPower, all domestic green tariffs are backed by 100% green electricity. That is a great match with the greener future we strive for at Gorilla.

Gorilla will support ScottishPower by empowering them to unlock the advantages of business-critical data. With our Gorilla engine, we have created a fit-for-purpose, scalable, and cutting-edge system that is capable of supporting ScottishPower’s path to the future.

Since 2018 we have made it possible for energy retailers worldwide to improve both speed and accuracy. Check out our solutions and discover how we can help your business.

Helen Fairlie, Head of UK Business Planning & Development at ScottishPower, said: “We are excited to embark on a partnership with Gorilla. In an increasingly volatile market, the increased agility and efficiencies that Gorilla provides will help ScottishPower to continue leading the way in providing greener energy choices that meet customers’ needs.” 

Ruben Van Den Bossche, Founder and Managing Director at Gorilla: “Partnering with ScottishPower is another great milestone for Gorilla and continues our expansion in the UK. Being trusted by such a leader in green electricity gives us the right energy to continuously evolve our solutions and the Gorilla engine that is disrupting the market. The power of data is changing the world one partnership at a time and we’re excited to sit next to ScottishPower in doing just that.”


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