Winners and losers of the innovation race: interview at Future of Utilities 2020

by Nov 26, 2020

FoU - 2020 - Joris van Genechten

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The Future of Utilities event is something we look forward to each year. Next week, from December 1st to December 4th, the 2020 edition will be underway. It’s a great opportunity to take the pulse of the industry and connect with like-minded and interesting people. 

This year, the event will be free and fully digitalised. A fitting format, seeing that – even without a pandemic setting the stage – digitalisation is high on the agenda for most players in the utility sector. 

Our product director, Joris Van Genechten, has been invited for an interview on the digitalisation topic, titled: Driving up Accuracy and Efficiency with Data-Driven Operations. 

A mouthful, we know. There is more to the interview than the title would suggest, however.

Joris has a strong vision about which companies will be the future winners and losers of the ongoing digitalisation – and ultimately, innovation – race. To find out more, we invite you to tune in on his interview on Tuesday 1st of December at 12.55 PM (GMT). 

 If you are registered for the event, you can add this interview to your schedule here

 Have a great day and let’s connect at the event! 

Supported by Flanders Investment and Trade.


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