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We’re at a turning point in history. Climate change is changing the world faster than ever before. Utilities will play a crucial role in the transformation of our society to fight climate change and become carbon-neutral, while at the same time making sure people and businesses can continue to use energy supply like they’ve been used to for so many years.

At Gorilla, we’re determined to not stay aside, but to make a real impact on the utility industry by providing data services that allow utilities to play the role they need to play in the quest for a net-zero society. By building something that solves a real problem, and by being the best at what we do.

your role

  • You’re a product designer with a strong affinity for both UX design as well as functional product specifications

  • You’re involved in translating our quarterly goals and objectives into a roadmap to achieve those goals incrementally (in product increments), consistent with our product vision and company mission.

  • You lead workshops to gain a deeper understanding of our customers & prospects’ challenges and how our product will contribute.

  • You define the functionality and user experience of each feature in a detailed manner; while working closely with our Architect and engineers to deliver clear product documentation and user experience designs of those features to the engineering team.

  • You provide input to the product engineering process and validate the delivered scope.

your responsibilities

By working closely together with our Product Architect and engineers, you take responsibility for detailing and designing the new product features with a focus on user experience and business value, striving to achieve the set-out goals of that product increment. You make sure to follow the definition process of organizing UX and technical sessions and workshops with all relevant stakeholders, to determine how each of the features will work in detail.

You quickly distill and translate strategy and requirements into storyboards, flowcharts, wireframes, and prototypes.

Together with Ronald, our architect, you deliver detailed functional, visual, and technical documentation and specs, which can be efficiently engineered.

You are the expert on the product, you know it inside out, all its flaws and quirks for which you already have 10 ideas and some sketches to improve it. You provide recommendations based on usability analytics and behavior. You are listening to our users and actively invite them to share feedback.


  • You have at least 3 years of relevant experience as a UX or Product Designer;

  • You work in a structured and detail-oriented manner;

  • You can deep-dive in complex products & features and make them your own quickly;

  • You have a solid grasp on user-centered design, usability, and accessibility concerns;

  • Your communication skills are excellent; you can adjust to your listener and facilitate workshops;

  • You have a lot of experience with Figma

  • You have a decent amount of technical knowledge and understand the architecture of digital products;

  • You like to keep up to date with the latest developments in the field of user experience design;

  • You are skilled at working effectively with cross-functional teams;

  • You know how to motivate others; You are able to sell others your ideas by formulating them clearly.

The benefits

You become part of an ambitious organization and an enthusiastic team with a mindset to win! As Gorilla is taking its first steps and grows as a business, you can leave your mark – growing alongside Gorilla.

Gorilla’s technical complexity requires us to constantly research and test new technologies – leveraging their strongest assets to make Gorilla performant and impressive. We actively challenge ourselves, and our team in order to always improve our skills, methodology, and capabilities. Lifelong learning is essentially embedded in our organization.

On top of that, we enjoy the perks of a spin-off. We’re part of November Five, meaning we have access to their expertise, knowledge, and support services. As a result, we can ensure that our remuneration blueprint can be tailored to your personal needs and efforts. You’ll be able to join a team from wherever you’d like to work – equipped with the best technology for remote work. We’ll provide access to an office space near you whenever you like, as well as frequent travels to meet your colleagues in person – making sure you’ll never feel lonely.

Convinced that this is the job for you?

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