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We’re at a turning point in history. Climate change is changing the world faster than ever before. Utilities will play a crucial role in the transformation of our society to fight climate change and become carbon-neutral, while at the same time making sure people and businesses can continue to use energy supply like they’ve been used to for so many years.

At Gorilla, we’re determined to not stay aside, but to make a real impact on the utility industry by providing data services that allow utilities to play the role they need to play in the quest for a net-zero society. By building something that solves a real problem, and by being the best at what we do.

your role

  • You’re involved in translating our quarterly goals and objectives into a roadmap to achieve those goals incrementally (in product increments), consistent with our product vision and company mission.

  • You’re involved in workshops, to gain a deeper understanding of our customer & prospects challenges and how our product will contribute.

  • You define & fine tune the features of each product increment in tight collaboration with a UX/UI designer and an Architect by using a proven process and deliver clear and detailed documentation of those features to the engineering team.

  • You steer the product engineering process and effectively manage the scope, resources & timing of each product increment and its feature(s) in alignment with the other product managers. And make sure it gets delivered timely and qualitatively.

  • You’re the coach and spoc for your team members.

your responsibilities

By working closely together with our Product Designer and Product Architect in a structured and efficient process, you take responsibility for detailing the new product features with a focus on user experience and business value, striving to achieve the set out goals of that product increment. You make sure to follow the definition process of organising UX and technical sessions and workshops with all relevant stakeholders, to determine how each of the features will work in detail.

Together with the definition team, you deliver detailed functional, visual and technical documentation and specs, which can be efficiently engineered.

You are a stickler for structure and procedure and make sure the engineering team follows all the required steps in the process to deliver the features timely and qualitatively. You lead the agile ceremonies in the process and make sure they are executed correctly. You are involved in the planning, fight for the resources you need and efficiently allocate them. You meticulously plan what will be delivered and set out the timeline for the definition and delivery. Continuously monitoring the progress to keep each task on track, balancing the goals’ deadline and its success.



  • You have at least 2 years of experience in digital product management / project management.

  • You work in a structured and detail-oriented manner.

  • You are very skilled in an agile way of working.

  • You can handle several projects at the same time. You get the job done.

  • You have a good amount of technical knowledge and understand the architecture of digital products.

  • You have a good understanding of UX.

  • You’re fluent in Dutch and English.

  • You like to keep up to date with the latest developments in the field of product management and data in general.

  • You are skilled at working effectively with cross-functional teams in a matrix organization..

  • You know how to motivate others; you create buy-in from team members.

The benefits

You become part of an ambitious organisation and an enthusiastic team with a mindset to win! As Gorilla is growing at an incredible pace, you can leave your mark – growing alongside Gorilla.

Gorilla’s technical complexity requires us to constantly research and test new technologies – leveraging their strongest assets to make Gorilla performant and impressive. We actively challenge ourselves and our colleagues, in order to always improve our skills, methodology and capabilities. Lifelong learning is essentially embedded in our organisation.

On top of that, our remuneration approach is clear and no-nonsense, just like our feedback culture and personal development approach. You’ll be able to join a team from wherever you’d like to work – equipped with the best technology for remote work. We’ll provide access to an office space near you whenever you like, as well as frequent travels to meet your colleagues in person, making sure you’ll never feel lonely.

Convinced that this is the job for you?

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