Data hub

Purposely store and query all utility data that matters, without building your own data lake.

Easily ingest consumption, pricing and other data

Our energy data repository allows for various ways of data ingestion, including file uploads as well as streaming data. It automatically versions and time-slices all data, and stores it ready for consumption.

Tag and search

All published data is automatically processed, validated against a set of rules, transformed and partitioned for easy retrieval and querying. Metadata tagging and filtering allows for easy data cataloguing, searching and retrieval.

Querying and visualisation

Thanks to the underlying distributed data engine, all data can be easily queried using our ODATA API, regardless of its size or schema. All tabular and time-series data can be visualised and explored without the need for advanced data analytics tooling.

Out-of-the-box integrations

The data repository is integrated natively with the Gorilla utility pricing, forecasting and reporting modules. More advanced visualisation and reporting functionality can be easily achieved with our data warehouse and BI tooling integration.


A data warehouse at the cost of a data lake, with out-of-the-box integration with pricing, forecasting and reporting.
Can easily be part of your data lake and ETL infrastructure with our native AWS backend architecture.
Auditable and fine-grained access control

Gorilla’s Data hub Features

Supports the following utility
data types out of the box:

  • Meter data
  • Consumption data
  • Long-term forecast data
  • Hedging data
  • Transmission and distribution losses
  • Price curves
  • Cost tables

Integrates with ease with the following data sources:

  • Electralink
  • Elexon

Integrates with ease with the following external tools:

  • PowerBI
  • Qlik
  • Quicksight

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Bespoke pricing

Faster time-to-quotes, without scaling up your pricing team

  • Fast Bespoke Pricing

  • Modular Product Configuration

  • High accuracy


Getting PPA proposals out in minutes

  • Generation Forecasting

  • Risk Modelling

  • Flexible Product Creation


Free up your pricing team to focus on what is truly important

  • Fast Price book update

  • Modular product configuration

  • Quick regulation updates

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can do for you

Schedule a call to discover if Gorilla is the right fit.

Find out what Gorilla can do for you

Schedule a call to discover if Gorilla is the right fit.

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