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to unlock & accelerate
your business

Gorilla connects the best of modern data technologies into one solution for high-performance calculations & data management.

Big data is on the rise, and companies struggle to keep pace. Many opportunities to embed a data-driven culture and accelerate complex data processes are left untapped by a lack of flexibility in company structures.

Gorilla lets you establish the control, reliability and agility your business needs to use the value and unstoppable growth of data to your favour.

Our Solution

Gorilla demystifies data processing by giving you the time and tools to define the future of data within your organisation.


Gorilla absorbs the complexity of your business applications and manages existing data-driven workflows, quickly and reliably.


Gorilla gives you the breathing room and tools to experiment and identify big data opportunities.


Gorilla runs complex workflows at the speed of light when and where you need them.

Gorilla offers you reliable precision in a shorter time frame, scales effortlessly to your business and data needs, and allows you to efficiently run data-driven workflows, regardless of complexity.

How Gorilla unlocked and 
accelerated energy pricing 
& quoting 

Digital meters, new regulations and the uncertainty of renewables make the utility market more volatile than ever, putting pressure on traditional quoting and billing systems.

Gorilla as a pricing and quoting engine allows for real-time quoting in the CRM, even for contracts with thousands of meters. By handling calculations, it takes the strain of nightly runs away from the billing system. And by using the same calculation engine, all bills and quotes will now be 100% aligned.

This allows to shift focus back to creating innovative and flexible products, leveraging this newly available data and calculation power as a competitive advantage

  • Real-time quoting
  • Stress-free monthly billing runs
  • Differentiating data-driven products


Back Office

Control & leverage your data in a powerful workspace with direct model configuration and full traceability.

Front Office

Become truly agile within your familiar tools and make better decisions using reliable data.

Data Scientist

Create tangible impact with your familiar tools without today’s business and performance constraints

Data Owner

Keep your current data architecture and storage strategy.

Connecting the best of modern data technologies

We’re constantly researching and testing new technologies – leveraging their strongest assets to make Gorilla more cost-efficient, performant and stable.

Request a demo

Gorilla is eager to get to know you! Because our solution is based on strong collaboration with utility providers, we want your feedback! Leave your details below if you feel like sharing your real-life experience, or want to learn more about the product.


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