the best way to

model your products

Gorilla allows you to configure all of your current products with only a few clicks. Fixed or variable tariffs, all your specific costs to serve, and your flex products?
You model them all in Gorilla with ease.

Products require flexibility

Gorilla gives you a canvas and the building blocks – your pricing elements – to visually create and configure your products. In an easy-to-use interface, you can add or delete pricing elements, configure their associated cost curves or tables and combine them together.

This allows you to configure all your flex and fixed products for each of the segments you are targeting (SME, I&C, ..), completely tailored to your go-to-market strategy. The result is a visual overview of your pricing elements and data per product.

the only limit is yourself

no two products are the same

Gorilla is able to model individual pricing and data components tailored to your needs. Connect the right data & algorithm to a component and Gorilla calculates the result.

control your data

Gorilla validates data to ensure data quality, allowing you to control validity of pricing curves and cost tables. Plus, it gives you full traceability of all data ever used in any calculation!

fast & easy expansion

Don’t worry! Implementation doesn’t mean you’re in for a three-year integration project. Algorithms can be implemented in days, not months!

Get extras on top

Gorilla can handle all of your current needs, with some extras on top!

Re-run any quote or price calculation as of an historic date
Compare actual margins for any enterprise contract with expected ones
Match target prices in competitive offers by reverse calculating the margin

how to adopt a gorilla

Contact us and together we can tailor a plan to your requirements

Identify the business processes that rely on pricing, quoting and other calculations

Define the pricing elements and data sources you need, together with our functional experts

The team behind Gorilla creates the algorithms

Start configuring your products and win

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