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Gorilla is built on top of a variety of AWS services to deliver a SaaS solution that resolves a B2B utility’s data processing challenges. Where AWS enables storing a massive amount of data and processing it in a scalable fashion, Gorilla solutionizes the design and development of advanced data engineering processes, exposes a RESTful API, automates the development of ETL and processing jobs and provides a user-friendly configuration interface. Together, a powerful data hub and processing solution decreases the TCO and time-to-market of such as system tenfold.

AWS partnership
Vlocity partnership


Vlocity is an industry-specific provider of cloud CRM software, built on top of Salesforce. Together with Vlocity, Gorilla has succesfully accelerated the British Gas Business digital transformation of their quote-to-contract processes. Where Vlocity brings in a great utility-specific product to guide the commercial process for a B2B utility retailer, Gorilla adds the data management and processing capablities. Shared values of having highly flexible products that require a minimum amount of coding to implement, have shown this partnership to succeed at implementing complex solutions in only a few months.

Flux Federation

New Zealand-based Flux Federation brings together intuitive product design, automated processing, and modern software practices to create faster and smarter business processes. Together with Gorilla, Flux Federation has created the billing engine of the future. Embedded in Flux’s extensible and highly integrative platform, Gorilla offers data management and processing capabilities to create a superbly streamlined experience that offers real-time billing. Flux is dedicated to reduce inefficiency and grow bottom-line business value, a value we strongly underscore and share in our current and future projects.

flux federation


MECOMS is the application platform of the future for energy & utility providers, built on top of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. MECOMS streamlines business processes, within the Meter-to-Cash cycle while offering solid business insights and a modern customer experience. Gorilla enables heavy data processing throughout these activities, with solutions for bottom-up forecasting, pricing, billing and reporting. By centralising data-heavy activities, Gorilla makes price model innovation easy to implement and roll-out, while MECOMS ensures these changes are accessible from sales to billing and customer success.

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