How to make sure your pricebooks are working for you, not against you

Your problem

Brokers serving the SME market want prices from multiple energy suppliers fast, so they can find the best deal for their customers and the highest margin for themselves.

And having pricebooks per customer segment means that you’re ready for those requests. But keeping them up-to-date and competitive is a constant challenge in a fast-paced environment. And brokers won’t wait around for you to give revised prices.

Current business processes

Your team is spending valuable time calculating and updating the data in Excel. And because it’s so labour-intensive, maybe you’re only updating your pricebooks monthly … which means that by the time a broker finds your price, it may no longer be accurate. 

Too high, and the broker goes elsewhere. Too low, and your actual costs may be eating into your margin. 

Now, imagine if your pricebooks were always up-to-date and competitive. With Gorilla, they can be!

Our solution

Creating your energy products in Gorilla – using our easy-to-use interface – means that generating pricebooks is a piece of cake. Any time you make changes to a product – adding or removing pricing elements, or changing how they are calculated – just generate a new pricebook, and all the changes are automatically taken into account.

Now you can be sure that brokers always have access to your most up-to-date, competitive prices!

Say goodbye to monthly/weekly pricebooks

With all this data crunching possible at your fingertips, monthly/weekly pricebooks that are quickly outdated can be a thing of the past! Gorilla makes it easy to have daily pricebooks – even with intraday updates if you like!

Keep your margins in check

Need to be sure that your margins are where they should be when you receive a request for a contract? Gorilla can help you compare a previous pricebook with one that reflects the latest data, so you can decide whether or not to approve the contract.

Be even more creative with your product portfolio

Creating new products for different customer segments used to be a cumbersome process. But with Gorilla, you can quickly and easily model new products based on whatever pricing elements you define. And once the product is ready, just add it to your pricebook at the touch of a button.

How Gorilla supports your sales flow 

Business processes with Gorilla

Gorilla in action

Gorilla gives you the canvas and the building blocks – your pricing elements – to create any product you need. If you can imagine it, you can create it with Gorilla!

Want to make changes to your product? It’s simple. Our easy-to-use interface lets you add or delete pricing elements, configure their associated cost curves or tables and combine them together.

Need to change how a pricing element is calculated? It’s simple. Just select the relevant cost component, update the details and publish.


Forget the labour-intensive work of updating pricebooks. With all your product data in Gorilla, you can generate pricebooks at the touch of a button as often as you like, even daily or intraday.
Gorilla lets you easily revalidate your margins before signing the contract, updating a previous pricebook with the latest data for the full picture.
With ALL your product data readily available in Gorilla, you can have pricebooks for as many products as you like.

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