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Quote bespoke prices quickly and confidently with Gorilla

Your problem

Calculating costs at the lowest possible granularity (i.e. per meter, per half hour) plays a vital role in helping you develop and maintain competitive energy products. 

However, today’s pricing and CRM systems are not designed to work with the huge amounts of data needed to quote bespoke prices with complex commodity algorithms. 

And because implementing a new product – or even adding some flexibility to an existing one – can take months, you may be managing your bespoke pricing manually.

Current business processes

Manual workarounds increase your cost to serve, and leave room for human error. They also slow down your sales process as it takes longer to get quotes to your customers. Using aggregated forecasts and cost data can speed things up, but your margins might suffer in the long run.

Wouldn’t you like to streamline the process so you can confidently send out bespoke quotes fast?


Gorilla is here to help!

Our solution

At Gorilla we believe you should take the data-crunching burden away from your CRM and manage all your forecasts, products and data directly in Gorilla.

Our easy-to-use interface lets you model, create and manage any energy product you can imagine, based on the pricing elements you define. 

And with all the data safely in one place, you can be confident that your quotes and forecasts are based on the most up-to-date information available.

Business processes with Gorilla

All this in the blink of an eye – Gorilla can perform half-hourly point of sales forecasts and quote calculations in seconds instead of hours! 

No generalising or aggregating. No moving data between systems. No slowing down the sales flow, waiting for information. Instead, your sales flow is supercharged!

And creating new bespoke products has never been easier. Want a new product based closely on an existing one? No problem. Just duplicate the product in Gorilla, and adapt any elements you like to create a unique product for a particular customer.

What does a product look like in Gorilla?

Gorilla turns your pricing elements into building blocks, letting you build and configure your products directly on your screen. The result is a powerful visual overview, showing all your pricing elements and data per product.

If you can imagine it, you can create it with Gorilla!

Want to make changes to your product? It’s simple. Our easy-to-use interface lets you add or delete pricing elements, configure their associated cost curves or tables and combine them together.

Need to change how a pricing element is calculated? It’s simple. Just select the relevant cost component, update the details and publish.


Keep your cost to serve low by removing labour-intensive manual workarounds.
Quote calculations take seconds instead of hours so your sales team can send them out faster
You have full traceability on all quotes at the lowest granularity, so you can see exactly what price versions were used.

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