Quoting & pricing

with or without flex

Let your quoting and billing systems do their job and Gorilla will take care of the rest!

The problem

Fierce competition in the energy sector and demand for bespoke prices are putting energy suppliers under increased pressure. 

Companies find themselves having to:

  • implement a wide range of fixed and flex products to differentiate themselves from the competition;

  • lower their prices, which usually means cutting their own operational costs; and

  • spend more time measuring performance of their many products to ensure that the margins are acceptable.

This is made more difficult by the fact that:

  • legacy systems for pricing and billing can’t react quickly enough to market changes; and

  • new products impact the whole IT infrastructure, with changes needed to both the pricing and billing systems, and even the trading system in the case of flex products.

This usually means that your new, competitive products need manual workarounds until all the system changes are complete. 

Not only does this increase your operational costs and leave room for human error, it also makes it even harder to find out the actual margins of your products. So those new products might actually be hurting your bottom line without you even realising it.

Time to do something about it?

The solution

Here at Gorilla, we believe you should separate the management of your energy products from your quoting and billing systems.

Gorilla’s easy-to-use interface lets you create and manage any energy product you can imagine, using the most up-to-date information available. 

And with all the product configurations and pricing elements in one place, your quoting and billing systems simply use Gorilla to calculate the data they need. Finally, the way your quotes and invoices are calculated is now completely aligned. Easier, faster and more reliable than ever! 

All without touching any of your existing business processes.

How Gorilla separates business and data processes

Business processes with Gorilla


Your CRM is great at what it’s supposed to do – capturing customer details, creating tasks for your sales team, choosing products, sending out quotes and much more. And with Gorilla by its side, it will be even more powerful. 

When you need to make your quote, your CRM uses Gorilla to calculate the data it needs for that particular product at that moment, so you can be confident your quote is based on the most up-to-date information available. 

Need to add or remove a pricing element from a product? Update how a certain pricing element is calculated? Configure a new product for a new client segment? No problem. 

Thanks to Gorilla’s user-friendly interface, you can visualise and configure every aspect of an existing product or a new one, down to how each pricing element is calculated. And once you’re done, you can send a quote straight away!

Gorilla in action

Gorilla gives you the canvas and the building blocks – your pricing elements – to create any product you need. If you can imagine it, you can create it with Gorilla!

Want to make changes to your product? It’s simple. Our easy-to-use interface lets you add or delete pricing elements, configure their associated cost curves or tables and combine them together.

Need to change how a pricing element is calculated? It’s simple. Just select the relevant cost component, update the details and publish.


With all your products managed entirely within Gorilla, this single source of data also becomes the basis for your billing. Your billing system uses Gorilla to calculate the amount of the invoice, based on the same up-to-date product and pricing information used for your quotes.

And thanks to Gorilla’s granularity, any pricing element can be a pass-through element, as these can be quickly recalculated during billing. This opens up even more possibilities for new products!

Gorilla also shows its strength when it comes to reconciliation calculations. Because it already does all the calculations for billing, Gorilla can quickly and easily redo historic invoices using the actual, rather than estimated costs.

How you handle the difference – ‘credit and rebill’ or as a one-time reconciliation fee on their following invoice – is up to you!

Flex products

Are you already offering flex products, or would like to? 

Gorilla makes flex products even easier to create and manage. By syncing flex trade information with the tool, Gorilla can accurately calculate the flex commodity prices and your customer’s deficit or surplus. 

And because it’s easy to configure how costs are calculated, you can create a wide variety of flex products where the risk is spread in different ways between you and your customer. 

For example:

  • risk-free flex (you take the risk → balanced against a provided forecast)

  • full risk flex (your customer takes the risk → balanced against actual consumption)

  • semi risk flex where you (any way you can come up with to divide the risk)

For this kind of product, Gorilla also offers the flexibility of billing based on actual trades and actual usage or based on a forecast that traded can be done against. 


If you can imagine the product, you can create it in Gorilla! With an easy-to use interface, Gorilla gives you the canvas and the building blocks to be as creative as you like.
You can confidently quote and invoice your new products straight away, with no implementation delays.
With all your product data in one place, Gorilla gives you better insights into your actual vs quoted margins, so you can make sure they are where they should be.

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