Supercharged utility

pricing engine

Gorilla speeds up your traditional CRM, billing, trading and reporting tools up to a 100 times.

Your pricing system sucks performance out of your business

the problem

Quote calculations take up hours, data isn’t manipulated right & billing runs fail. Your current pricing & quoting systems are not built for the scale or complexity of your industry.

the solution

Complex calculations do not belong in your CRM & ERP system. Separate data & calculations from your business process to get the right price at the right time.

meet gorilla,
the next-gen utility pricing engine


Extract pricing, quoting, forecasting and reporting calculations from traditional CRM, billing and risk systems.


Speed up a 10.000 meter quote with half-hourly data from 4 hours
to 4 minutes.


Adapt your products faster to make more money from new and existing customers while reducing risk.

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Model and configure your products freely
Manage your data & its validity for all pricing scenarios
Define custom algorithms for your pricing elements

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Cloud-native SaaS solution
Straightforward implementation in weeks, not years
Secure, auditable and maintainable

Trusted by British Gas

We are proud to have British gas as one of our customers. Our utility pricing engine is helping their sales representatives to deliver faster, more accurate, and competitive pricing.

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